GP appointment unavailability

The difficulty some patients may experience when trying to book a medical appointment with their local GP and having little success means that patients often seek help elsewhere. This is how many patients book their first homeopathy appointment with me. In homeopathy we call these patients “TEETH” patients. This doesn’t mean they all have dental symptoms (although some may). TEETH stands for “tried everything else, try homeopathy”. Many years ago I was myself a TEETH patient. I tried many different forms of alternative help before somebody suggested seeing a homeopath. Seeing a qualified homeopath was a life changing decision for me. I myself took another degree – a 4 year BSc in homeopathy. Since 2008 I have helped many people with their health, both acute and long term.

Published by Jenny Ojakovoh BA Hons BSc Hons Homeopathy RS Hom

I am a registered homeopath with The Society of Homeopaths. I practise in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire in the UK. I see patients in person or on the internet. Homeopathy helps patients recover from various negative health symptoms. A monthly appointment is recommended until the patient feels better. Often a patient has tried many alternative and complementary treatments before trying homeopathy.

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